i HATE being Black
a conversation amongst buppies
Two 'buppies' - black, upwardly-mobile professionals - debate the societal repercussions of being black.
“I'm up at the Toronto film festival and finally had a moment to watch the short. The writing and acting are excellent and I liked the improvisational feel and the fact that you let so many of the shots breathe as opposed to editing the crap out of it. I also think that the entire subject matter is presented in a way that audiences of any race can appreciate the arguments and the message. I thought it was very well done”

DAVE KARGER - Host TCM, IMDB expert/correspondent, Access Hollywood

This seemed like a raw uncut conversation that people exploring their identity politics would have. I love the natural conversational imperfections. It shows that people are still figuring this stuff out I think. I loved it.  Thank you!
Sheila Fitzgerald

Following the tradition of media taking the lead, everything here needed to be said and more. Thank you for hosting this movie.
Just added it to my thesis.
Rita Ogburn-McCall

It tells it like it is. Excellent casting. Very well directed and scripted. Sadly it tells it straight - Racism rules in America.
Professor Hill

As a white person it was a chance to listen to things black folks might have to say and appreciate being able to experience it.

Insightful. This is an issue that most black people have to deal with. Bravo for bringing it to film.
P. Sharpe

Loved it. Keep it coming with more dialogue online. Carol Cutting edge commentary. Very brave dialogue.
Chaz Martel

Excellent! I put it in the category of “White Man’s Burden”
by Harry Belafonte. A must see! I would like to purchase on DVD.
Judith Blackwell

Excellent start of a conversation. Keep bringing it to life, we so need to keep talking about it so we can do something about it.
!Si, Se Puede! !Pa’lante!
Jennifer Santiago

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